Perhaps the most thorough thrashing of William Lane Craig I've ever seen

By way of Jerry Coyne's blog I came across this video that is a response to William Lane Craig's arguments about the suffering of animals – namely, that the apparent cruelty in nature is theologically compatible with a loving Creator, because animals don't really suffer like we do.

Well, it's actually a response to a response. See, Craig brought up the argument in his debate with Stephen Law. Following that, some intrepid skeptics interviewed a bunch of leading neuroscientists on the matter, and came to the conclusion that Craig's arguments were unsubstantiated crap. Recently, Craig responded to that video in one of his podcasts. Now, we have this response to his podcast.

I think this is a great beatdown for several reasons. Firstly, it shows Craig, in his own words, backtracking on his own positions. It unambiguously shows him misquoting and misrepresenting the views of his opponents. And most importantly, it utterly destroys his arguments with an onslaught of thoroughly-researched science so merciless that Craig ought to be positively humiliated.

I think a big part of the reason Craig thrives in the debate format (with 20-minute monologues) is because he can often get away with backtracking, equivocating, misrepresenting his opponents, and misrepresenting science simply because it's easily taken for granted that one ought to be presenting arguments honestly in such a forum, and it'd be virtually impossible to correct him on every error, omission or outright lie. There's even a series of videos on Youtube called "William Lane Craig Misrepresents...." that thoroughly documents his repeated, often flagrant misrepresentation of his opponents.

That's why this video, which takes the time to thoroughly document and debunk his odious bullshit, is a breath of fresh air. 


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