Reaction to the Boston bombings

Today, I've seen all manner of reactions to the bombings. Many offer "thoughts and prayers"; many lament the apparent descent of humanity; others still call it judgement from God – Westboro Baptist Church, so I've heard, is already prepared to picket the funerals of the victims to remind us that God is judging us because we're becoming more tolerant of gay people.

My thoughts are simply that it's easy to become cynical in times like this and lose sight of the fact that we are living in the most peaceful era in all human history. That can be a pretty counter-intuitive concept in times like this, but it's the truth. Let's not lose sight of how far we've really come.

On another note, I think that while the media does a pretty decent job of sanitizing the tragedy, the reality of this horror doesn't quite sink in until you see it. There's a gallery here, though it's probably not for the feint of heart. It's scary stuff, and it's a reminder that the better angels of our nature need to keep pressing on, lest history should repeat itself.


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