It's... alive!

If you've followed this blog for any significant length of time, you've undoubtedly noticed that I tend to go in spurts. I'll be churning out blasphemous content practically daily, and then... nothing. Well, this is one of those 'nothing' times.

Part of it is old-fashioned writer's block. I've got a post drafted about the nature of apologetic arguments, but y'know, inspiration isn't exactly overflowing. I find myself caring less about apologists, anyway.

The other part of it is that I'm spending lots of time with my girlfriend and with my guitar. My two favorite things! I also nabbed a new guitar and amp this week, which means even writing this took an unusually high degree of self-motivation.

In any case, I'm sure inspiration will strike soon. In the meantime... well, I dunno. Karate.

Oh, and on another note, my blog is right around the 300,000 view mark. That's pretty pathetic, actually – Jerry Coyne has something like 20 million views and over 18,000 followers. He's a blue whale in the Atlantic (or wherever blue whales are) and I'm a bluegill in the pond at the neighborhood park. But still, I'm always kind of amazed that anyone cares about what I think. After all, I'm not a professional philosopher or physicist or a former pastor. I'm just a regular guy who used to be religious and is now an atheist. So, thanks for reading and especially a big thanks to those who contribute.


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