It's been a week from heck!

Just a quick update:

I was punched in the face last week with the news that one of our recently-hired a.m. trainers was leaving (voluntarily). Actually, I wrote a post about him... he was the God guy. The uber-Christian who said goodbye by saying, "Have a blessed day!" or "Be blessed!" My girlfriend and I refer to him as "every hour on the hour" because that's how often he said he prayed for his ex-wife to "get right with God" before they got divorced. Personally, I'm totally shocked that prayer didn't work.

Anyway, he was making about an hour drive to work every day, and working at a church in a Tulsa suburb at night. That's rough when you have to be at work at 5:00 in the morning. He just spread himself too thin, and something had to give. We hired a new trainer, and although he's got a degree he has zero experience. So that means the other evening trainer and I have both been working mornings while the new guy "shadows" (or we shadow him, and give him pointers afterward). So basically I'm majorly sleep deprived and ready for the week to be over.

Two things have gotten me through the week. One is my ridiculously gorgeous and amazing girlfriend. Several nights while I stumbled in the door at nearly 10:00 at night, she had dinner and a kiss (or several) waiting for me. I am definitely dating up.

The other thing is my totally sweet new guitar, which unfortunately I haven't had much time to play because of work. But hot damn is it a nice guitar.

Honorable mention goes to the cat.

I did manage to get a couple of posts drafted, so expect some stuff over the weekend. Until then... I'll be praying for you every hour on the hour.


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