God does not exist, but I still do

I know I've been a little quiet over here this past week, but hey... it's my first week of unemployment. So, how did I do?

All I can really say is that I almost wish I had done this a long time ago, though I do think this is the right time both personally and professionally. I've already had a client pay me, in full, for a 3-month training package. I have nearly 200 'likes' on my business' Facebook page and my website has pulled in several strong leads already in addition to several client contacts and Facebook leads. People are pursuing me, which is exactly what I intended.

I've also been crazy busy. Setting up the website and doing search optimization, blogging to get sharable content online, setting up my LLC, getting all the legal forms together plus putting together all my programming concepts and developing an advertising campaign for Facebook... yeah, it's a lot. But the payoff is that I made more than enough money to breathe a bit while I pursue my new leads. Not bad for being "unemployed".

Everything that's happened has reinforced what I believed deep down: that I can pull this off. I don't have to settle for working for someone else for an entry-level salary; I can do it my way, and do it better.

I'm really itching to blog about Randal Rauser's asinine critique of Lawrence Krauss though, so stay tuned!


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