A new direction for the A-Unicornist

I was away in Houston this weekend, and it gave me some time to think about the blog – where it is, and what direction I'd like it to go. I've commented in the past that I often grow weary of metaphysical a/theistic debates, and I don't want them to dominate the blog. But it's an obvious fact that those discussions do interest me, so there's no reason to stop doing them altogether. I would, however, like to devote a bit more space to talking about science, morality, secularism and other issues instead of retreading tired apologetic arguments that have long been shown to be impotent.

Posting frequency is another issue. With my recent change in careers, I simply don't have the time or inclination to post as often as I'd like to. I have to maintain a blog for my personal training website (it's a key marketing tool), and I'll be maintaining a second one for my forthcoming guitar-teaching website. That's a lot of blogging. As much as I like writing, doing it out of sheer necessity does sap some of my motivation to blog here not because I don't have things I want to talk about but because I just want to spend my free time doing other things that are more important to me. Add to that the fact that I often get involved in discussions in comment sections (both here and elsewhere), and blogging can sneak up on me as a massive time-drain. Frankly, I'd rather be practicing guitar.

With that in mind, my tentative plan is to shoot for one essay a week. But the tradeoff is that I'll spend the week drafting these essays, so that when they're finally published they ought to be pretty damn meaty. I'm also making a concerted effort to get more reading done (my back-reading list is shamefully long), so hopefully when I have something to talk about it'll be more interesting. Of course I can't and won't rule out that I might post more if I have the time and inclination, but one nice substantive essay a week seems like a reasonable minimum.

I enjoy writing immensely and I want to keep it going. I just have to make a few adjustment to make sure that it's sustainable. After all, nothing kills blog readership faster than sporadic posting. Consistency is vital, even if it's not daily. I think that with the right balance, this will be a positive move for the blog. I like honing in on one topic and going into lots of detail, and having a full week to draft and edit a post will be a boon in that regard. Think quality over quantity.

As always, thanks for reading. I may not have the readership of a Jerry Coyne or a PZ Myers or even a Randal Rauser, but I nonetheless have a loyal and engaged readership and for that I am incredibly grateful. I hope the forthcoming shift in direction will strengthen that readership by making the blog both more reliably timely and more substantive.


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