The most blasphemous burger ever

Right now it's taking all my willpower to avoid indulging the latest batch of apologist trolls who are polluting my comments sections with their bullshittery. You know what seems like a fine distraction? A burger. I consider myself somewhat of a burger enthusiast, and Friendly Atheist has a blurb on one in Chicago that is causing some predictable butthurt among predictably easily-offended religious types.

It's the Ghost Burger, named after the rather awesome Swedish rock band Ghost, whom I was privileged to see live last year when they toured in support of metal titans Opeth and Mastadon. They're not really a metal band though – they sound more like Blue Oyster Cult or something. But they're thoroughly blasphemous in that delightful way that only a European band can be, and it makes for a very entertaining show.

The ingredients are:
  • 10 oz. patty
  • Slow braised goat shoulder
  • Aged white cheddar
  • Ghost chile aioli
  • Red wine reduction
  • Communion wafer garnish

10oz patty, plus the goat shoulder? Good grief... no wonder it's $17. And yes, that's the 'body and blood of Christ'. Naturally, religious folks are getting their panties in a wad about it, but I really liked Hemant Mehta's quip: "It’s hard to empathize with people who think a cracker garnish is only a few magic words away from turning into Jesus."

By the by, seafood chain Bonefish Grill has a red-wine burger of their own, called the 'Vitner's Burger', which I highly recommend. I imagine the sweetness of the red wine reduction adds a nice contrast to the savory flavor.


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