Tristan Vick is tearing apart The Swedish Atheist

Okay, so, y'know how I was doing this review of Randal Rauser's book? Well, I got a new guitar, Battlefield 4 on my totally sweet gaming PC, and I've been spending more time thinking on more broad (and to me, more interesting) philosophical issues. I watched a great talk between Massimo Pigliucci, Dan Dennett and Lawrence Krauss that has spurred some deep thought and inspired some new content that I'll have up soon.

Long story short, I haven't really had the interest to finish Randal's book. It's yet another apologetics book, for crying out loud. How many of these stupid books do I really need to waste my time on? Besides, if I've learned anything, it's that after I take the time to read and deconstruct one book, some theist will come along and tell me that of course I shouldn't have wasted time on that book, because such-and-such book is the really sophisticated one. There's no winning with some sheeple.

In any case, the mighty Tristan Vick has done a really, really superb and thorough job of deconstructing Randal's book, so much so that I'm not really sure what more I could really add. If you're in the mood to hear an atheist put a professional theologian to shame, definitely read his entries on it.

Meanwhile, I'm interested in talking about the value of semantics in philosophical discussions, nonscientific elements of moral reasoning, and how philosophy and science intersect. Not apologetics, really.

Here's the talk I mentioned. Long, but well worth every minute.


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