I'm taking a hiatus

Being a personal trainer, January is the busiest month of the year for me – at least in terms of marketing and leads. I'm in the midst of helping my lovely fiance plan our wedding, and I'm going to be moving this month. For my own part, I've been making a better effort to manage my time more efficiently and get more intensive guitar practicing in every day.

I really enjoy blogging, especially here and stirring the pot at various Christian blogs, but for one little problem: I'm way too easy to bait into a debate. Even though I'm generally about as easy-going and non-confrontational as they come, I do get a kick out of a spirited discussion about philosophy, religion, science, or whatever else. But participating in those things creates a nasty little side effect: my time disappears. I'll be typing up some big long response to some religious person, and before I know it an hour has disappeared. Or two. Whatever. It's like playing Civilization – you keep thinking, "I'll just do this one thing real quick..." and then before you realize it, you've gone and blown your whole afternoon.

So I think it behooves me to take a forced hiatus. The only way I'm going to be disciplined enough to focus on my priorities is to cut out the fluff.

I'll return when things calm down a bit and my schedule is a bit more predictable, so I can allot time to blogging with some modicum of discipline. Until then, go enjoy the mess AdamHazzard and I made over at Randal Rauser's blog. Thanks for reading, guys. See you again soon.


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