Life as a blogger

I originally started The A-Unicornist – well, actually it was originally called The Apostasy – as more of a personal sort of thing. Since I was a wee lad, I've found that writing is great way to help myself organize my own thoughts, work through difficult emotions, or think more critically.

Over the years as this blog gained a steady readership, it sort of took on a life of its own. I thoroughly enjoy the many debates and discussions I've had over the years, despite how exasperating I've occasionally found some religious apologists. But hey, I tell myself, I used to be that guy, too.

My blog writing also to some extent represents my own path in life. And, truth be told, things change. I was looking back at the archives this year, and my post count is way down from last year – although ironically, I hit record numbers of viewers this year. But as I've mentioned recently, my motivation for engaging religious apologists is pretty well sapped. Not gone, as there are still religious topics that interest me, but when it comes to all the old historical and philosophical arguments, there's just nothing there. It's a massive vacuum of confirmation bias, magical thinking, scientific ignorance, and groupthink. Sometimes it's gussied up in a thin veil of academic distinction, but it's a house of cards that topples over readily and it doesn't take much to see even a self-important academic dissemble and fluster in the face of sound arguments against their position.

Recently, I've been dabbling in bloggery about other topics that interest me, including video games and music. They're really just experiments, to see if they stick. As for this blog, I'm honestly not really sure what's next. On the one hand, I'm motivated. I want 2014 to be a marquee year for The A-Unicornist. On the other hand, I don't want to retread the same old junk. Every time I start to write a post about Christianity, the Bible, some apologetic argument or whatever else, I just stop and ask myself What's the point? I think I've covered about all such material I can conceivably care to.

These days I'm more likely to be interested in stuff like my recent post on morality as a science – issues relevant to those of us who are done fussing about religion but still enjoy discussing topics on science and philosophy that shape our outlook and define the human experience. I've still got a shelf full of half-read or entirely unread books that I need to pounce on this year. Regardless, I've gotta pull myself away from the religious discussions, because they're only interesting to me for so long.

Of course, time commitment factors in as well. If by some miracle my other blogs take off, I'll probably put more effort into them. And between moving, planning a wedding, spending time with my lovely bride-to-be and continually improving my chops on guitar, there's only so much time in the day to devote to blogging. And at the risk of sounding slightly whiny, I'll say that to some degree the overall stagnancy of this blog is a bit frustrating. I started this blog four years ago and have posted nearly 1,000 entries, yet my readership has not grown all that much. Not that I don't appreciate my readership, because holy cow do I ever. You guys are brilliant and amazing. I suppose that I just had higher hopes for the reach of the blog in a four-year time span.

All of which is to say... well, I don't know. There's really no point to this post other than to give you an insight into my thought processes.

I do want to mention something though: I'm working on a book. Yeah right, I hear you saying, How many times have we heard that before? Well, after several failed attempts to write topical books, I decided that it seems kind of pointless to do so when I have nearly 1,000 posts right here on this blog. So I've decided to create a sort of "best-of" anthology that I'll sell, inexpensively, in a PDF format or, if I'm really ambitious, possibly a Kindle version. The work consists of compiling my favorite essays, organizing them by topic, and editing them a bit for flow. No promises, but I'm shooting for a release in the first half of 2014.

Til next time.... 


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