A farewell letter to arguing over the internet

I had a thought tonight. Maybe I'll stick with it, maybe not. I'm gonna try.

I'm juggling a lot. My business (including the marketing and design side), my fiance and our impending wedding, guitar, reading, writing, upkeep on our house, etc. etc. Granted, it's nothing extraordinary. I don't have kids, thank goodness, and my schedule could be a lot more crowded.

Nonetheless, I have to prioritize. Guitar is a big deal to me, definitely much more than just a hobby, and I haven't been satisfied with the amount of practice I've been getting in. I also don't read as much as I'd like, and it's just kind of a running joke (with myself) that I have this massive back catalog of half-read or untouched books. I also have a totally bitchin' gaming PC, so when I have some free time I like to bust out some Assassin's Creed IV or some graphics-whoring FPS.

The two biggest non-essential time drains for me are 1) dicking around on the internet, and 2) debating people online. The first is easy to reign in, and I'm doing a better job of not sitting there mindlessly clicking as the hours waste away. The other is harder, because I like debating people. It's healthy to be challenged and to think through those challenges, even if minds (including mine) are slow to change. But going back and forth with people in blog comments, especially writing out point-by-point rebuttals, is a massive time drain — one which certainly isn't made easier by Disqus' lack of formatting shortcuts and the perpetual cut-and-paste bug.

So, I've gotta bow out. I'm not saying I'll never respond to challenges or participate in the comments, but I can't get sucked in to overlong debates that inevitably end in a frustrating impasse anyway. Instead, I'll make a habit of using my blog posts to respond to challenges I feel are important. I'm confident I'll have no trouble churning out new content, and indeed staying away from debates will likely free up some time I can use for more original content.

Time is a precious thing, and I for one suck at managing it. But if I'm gonna do a full cover of Jeff Loomis' The Ultimatum, I gotta do some serious woodshedding. Peace.


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