To 2015!

I've been doing a lot of, for lack of a better term, soul-searching lately. One of those big life lessons you learn as you get older is that time is a finite resource. All you can do is shuffle it around a bit. That means that if you want to dedicate yourself more to one thing, something else has to be sacrificed.

So, I've been thinking a lot about the things that I am okay with sacrificing. The past year I've been frustrated at the lack of guitar practice I've been getting in. It's not been a lack of time, but a lack of time management. This year (yes, I'm doing resolutions) I'm shooting to make regular practice a high priority. I also haven't done nearly as much gaming as I'd like to, especially given my totally sweet gaming PC. Oh, and reading. Yes... I have many books to finish.

One of the things that's distracted me in the past, aside from mindless web-surfing (definitely a habit that has to go this year!), has been blogging. A single long-form post takes me maybe two or three hours to write, depending on how focused I am. But then more time gets drained in comments sections with my occasional interlocutors.

I'm not giving up blogging — far from it. I've been blogging about PC gaming for a while, but honestly it's just not that big of a deal to me. I'd rather spend my blogging energy here, so that's what I'm gonna do. I'm going to set the goal of one post per week. That might not sound like much, but if it's a long-form post there should be plenty of content. If I have time to do more, I will; it's just important in the near-term that my time is more structured. I'm also imposing on myself a one-reply rule to interlocutors. Debate is fun and challenging and important, but let's be honest — no one ever changes their mind in the middle of an internet debate, and nothing gets accomplished from dragging out debates through reply after reply. Accordingly, I'm going to make it a point to give my critics the last word.

So, all this is just to say that The A-Unicornist will be alive and well in 2015.


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