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Metaphysics does not 'bury its undertakers'

I apologize in advance for what I'm about to do. See, through a somewhat random assortment of clicks in a long session of dicking around on the internet, I happened upon Ed Feser's blog — in particular, a post in which he was going after Massimo Pigliucci , Professor of Philosophy at CUNY-City College, for dissing one of Feser's favorite topics: metaphysics. I've found myself disagreeing with Pigliucci on more than one occasion, but I can definitely jive with his skepticism and general dismissal of metaphysics. And while I could probably spend a long afternoon combing through Feser's post picking out each of the statements I disagreed with, there was one in particular that jumped out at me that I think cuts to the heart of why, in my opinion, metaphysics is pure, unadulterated bullshit that exists on the highest plane of highly refined rhetorical sophistry. And that's this line: Like the rationalists, Aristotelian-Scholastic philosophers hold that there are