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Tonight is the Blood Moon, and you should be afraid (of hucksters)

My wife's grandparents recently purchased a house near San Antonio. Their reason? To be closer to megachurch pastor and general lunatic Ted Hagee, who has been preaching Christian Zionism for decades and, like any good evangelist, reminding people to repent because the end times are very close . The latest sign? That's right: the so-called "blood moon", which is just a spooky-sounding name for a lunar eclipse . Not long ago my wife brought home a book, written by Hagee, that her grandparents had given her called Four Blood Moons: Something Is About to Change . The gist of it is that the blood moon(s) are signs from God that significant end-times shit is gonna go down, so you better be ready! Okay, but don't quit your job just yet. Based on past end-of-the-world predictions, it's a pretty safe bet that the world is not going anywhere. Fortunately for him, Hagee has retreated from any bold, sweeping proclamations about when the world will actually end to weasel