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I haven't been able to blog lately, and aside from occasionally dropping in a brief comment here or there I haven't had much time for much internetting at all! We (my wife and I) are just two weeks away from the grand opening of our gymStyrka, and lemme tell you, a small business is a butt-ton of work. It's exhausting. We were originally going to open on the 15th of this month, but a variety of delays have made that unfeasible. But hey, in the grand scheme of things, I suppose a two week delay is a pretty minor bump in the road.

On the upside, the buzz about the gym is great. I've got several personal trainers who want to move their entire client base to Styrka, and everyone who's seen it has been pretty enthusiastic. My buddy Michael, who was at one time almost my business partner, posted a video about the gym on his YouTube channel and even in its messy and unfinished state elicited some pretty enthusiastic praise in the comments section. I'm still slightly terrified about this whole endeavor, but I'm feeling optimistic.

If there's anything that's frustrating me, it's the management. We had, in the lease, requested that they repair a number of minor issues with the building — clean the vents and air ducts (they were black), replace damaged ceiling tiles, replace the lighting, put weather stripping on the doors and replace one exterior door that is badly damaged. Well, we're now two weeks past their contractually-obligated deadline (January 1st), and several of the repairs still need to be done — most importantly the door and weather stripping. They only cleaned the HVAC in the last couple of weeks, and quite a few ceiling tiles still need to be replaced. I've had to write several polite but increasingly firm emails basically, in as nice of terms as I can muster, ask them to get their shit together. It's a frustrating situation as a new tenant, because I want the years coming to be amicable and I hate having to pester them about things they should have taken care of several months ago. Fortunately my persistence seems to have paid off and things are moving forward.

But otherwise, things are looking great. We're now in what we hope will be our last 'prep' week before we can take early sign-ups for memberships, finalizing all our client and security systems and getting everything cleaned and organized. I'm still waiting on a couple of large pieces of equipment from EliteFTS, but they should be here before the grand opening. Exciting? Yes. Terrifying? Slightly. But, mostly exciting.


In other exciting awesome news, I finally saw Tool when they came to the BOK Center here in Tulsa last weekend. I've listened to them since the early 90s (high school!), even guilt-listening my way through their obviously blasphemous lyrics during my uber-Christian years, and it was pretty sublime to finally see them. I played drums back in those days, and seeing Danny Carey in the flesh absolutely annihilating his drum kit was a truly spectacular sight and made me want, for a brief moment, to play again (I'll stick with guitar though). Maynard wore riot gear. Setlist was great too — No Quarter (Zepplin), The Grudge, Schism, ├ćnima, Stinkfist, and lots more that I was really happy to hear. My only slight disappointment was that I love the song Vicarious, and they have been alternating between Vicarious and Sweat off the old Opiate EP. But my buddy at the show with me about jumped through the roof when they started into Sweat. The light show was spectacular, they sounded great, and I'd definitely see them again.


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