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Christian nutbaggery threatens civil rights in Poland

Here's something with eerie parallels to the election here in the U.S., from The Guardian : [Conservative party] Law & Justice triumphed in the elections on a mix of social and nationalistic promises: hostility to migrants, pledging to stand up to exploitative foreign investors and banks, reducing the retirement age and introducing a 500 złoty (£86) a month child grant. Crucially, the campaign had the blessing of conservative bishops. The L & J party, which now holds an absolute majority, is threatening major incursions on the civil rights of women and LGBTQ individuals. The provisions include a total ban on abortions , regardless of the threat to a woman's health, the health of the unborn child, or in cases of rape. Amnesty International is not happy : This is not scaremongering. One only has to look at other countries where similarly draconian laws exist to see their negative impact. Amnesty International’s research in  Ireland ,  El Salvador ,  Nicaragua , and  P