Christian nutbaggery threatens civil rights in Poland

Here's something with eerie parallels to the election here in the U.S., from The Guardian:
[Conservative party] Law & Justice triumphed in the elections on a mix of social and nationalistic promises: hostility to migrants, pledging to stand up to exploitative foreign investors and banks, reducing the retirement age and introducing a 500 złoty (£86) a month child grant. Crucially, the campaign had the blessing of conservative bishops.
The L & J party, which now holds an absolute majority, is threatening major incursions on the civil rights of women and LGBTQ individuals. The provisions include a total ban on abortions, regardless of the threat to a woman's health, the health of the unborn child, or in cases of rape. Amnesty International is not happy:
This is not scaremongering. One only has to look at other countries where similarly draconian laws exist to see their negative impact. Amnesty International’s research in IrelandEl SalvadorNicaragua, and Paraguay has shown that in all these countries women and girls pay a high price for restrictions on safe and legal abortion. They pay with their health, their well-being and even with their lives. 
Unsurprisingly, this is motivated by religion:
“It’s payback time for the church,” said Jacek Kucharczyk of the Institute of Public Affairs. “Law & Justice swept up the armies of people who had stood on church steps for eight years, bearing petitions against abortion and IVF. They were part of the church’s campaign against what it sees as morally regressive so-called gender ideology, perceived as being imposed by western Europe.”

Yet again, conservative religion is the primary motivator in resistance against the progression of secular modernity. Whether it's women's rights in the oppressive theocracies of Afghanistan and Iran, campaigns against the rights of LGBTQ people here in the United States, and impeding women's access to safe and affordable family planning both here and abroad, religious lunatics consistently manage to be the primary obstacle to a better world.


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