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Let's show that Solipsism is false

Solipsism  is the belief that one's own mind is the only thing that can be known to exist. It denies the existence of any external reality—everything you experience is simply a product of your own mind. Nobody really believes this, but it's often propped up by philosophers as some sort of exercise in the limitations of evidential arguments—after all, you cannot use evidence to prove that an external reality exists, because by definition (per Solipsism) your mind would be creating said reality. It's complete bullshit, and contrary to what some philosophers like to profess from their armchairs, it can be shown to be completely and totally false. Evidential arguments are one way to show that something is false, but they're not the only way. Another way is a conceptual  argument. You can demonstrate that something is false by showing it to be conceptually incoherent, nonsensical, or otherwise semantically ambiguous. Regular readers of this blog will no doubt recall that