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Randal Rauser's peculiar focus on "rationally justified belief"

I like Randal Rauser. Although we have no shortage of disagreements over matters of theology and philosophy, I give him major kudos for continually advocating for irenic dialogue by criticizing both atheists and theists when they caricature one another, and for constructively engaging with several atheists—including of course Justin Schieber, whose book collaboration with Rauser   I reviewed extensively here on The A-Unicornist , as well as his recent and very irenic engagement with Jason Thibodeau over a few blog posts. He's also a strong critic of Trump and occasionally shows himself to be refreshingly progressive for a Christian theologian. I've been following Randal Rauser for several years now, and a recent post of his has me thinking about what I see as his rather peculiar approach to apologetics: namely, his frequent focus on "rationally justified belief". I'll provide a few examples: In his live debate with Justin Schieber, Rauser's primary argu

The Trump administration is just as big of a dumpster fire as I expected

Things have been pretty quiet around here at The A-Unicornist . My daily Facebook feed has been overwhelmed with stories about our new President, to the point that it's honestly pretty exasperating. The worst part is that Trump simply cannot help himself but to lie, and lie both repeatedly and flagrantly. Sometimes his lies are trivial, sometimes they're not. And his administration is expected to defend these lies, and the frustration is palpable every time Sean Spicer holds a press conference. When your boss constantly lies, lying becomes part and parcel of the administration itself. In less than a month, these are just some of the things we've seen: • Michael Flynn, Trump's national security adviser, was forced to resign (or fired, depending on who you believe) after it was revealed that he had lied about his contact with Russian officials. Trump blamed the media and, as usual, lied . • Republicans are calling for further investigations into Trump's ties wi