The Trump administration is just as big of a dumpster fire as I expected

Things have been pretty quiet around here at The A-Unicornist. My daily Facebook feed has been overwhelmed with stories about our new President, to the point that it's honestly pretty exasperating. The worst part is that Trump simply cannot help himself but to lie, and lie both repeatedly and flagrantly. Sometimes his lies are trivial, sometimes they're not. And his administration is expected to defend these lies, and the frustration is palpable every time Sean Spicer holds a press conference. When your boss constantly lies, lying becomes part and parcel of the administration itself.

In less than a month, these are just some of the things we've seen:

• Michael Flynn, Trump's national security adviser, was forced to resign (or fired, depending on who you believe) after it was revealed that he had lied about his contact with Russian officials. Trump blamed the media and, as usual, lied.

• Republicans are calling for further investigations into Trump's ties with Russia, which at best may have constituted a conflict of interest, and at worst may have constituted treason.

• The Office of Government Ethics has called on the White House to discipline Kellyanne Conway after she endorsed Ivanka Trump's jewelry line.

• Trump has repeatedly claimed, with no evidence whatsoever, that 3 to 5 million illegal votes were cast in the election... all for Hillary Clinton.

• His signature executive order banning travel from seven predominately Muslim countries was unanimously struck down by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals for violating the Establishment Clause of the Constitution. Trump tweeted, "See you in court!" for some reason, but the administration has yet to appeal, in which case the Supreme Court would have to agree to hear the case.

• For no apparent reason other than his tissue-paper ego, Trump has repeatedly lied about the size of the crowd at his inauguration, claiming that "a million, million and a half" people attended.

• Trump falsely claimed that he had a the largest electoral college victory margin since Ronald Reagan. After being corrected, he claimed he only meant among republican presidents, which is still false.

• A New York Times report claimed that Trump campaign officials had been in contact with senior members of Russian intelligence throughout the campaign.

• He held a national security briefing out in the open at his Mar-A-Lago resort after North Korea launched a missile.

• Russia violated a key international arms treaty by launching a cruise missile. The Trump administration has remained conspicuously silent.

• Trump falsely, and without evidence, blamed the Obama administration on the recent leaks over Russian contacts (including Flynn's lies, which the administration had known about), contradicting his earlier claim that it was 'fake news'.

• Trump announced today that he would hold a campaign rally, for some reason.

Whew. I know there's more. I could go on. But Jesus H Christ on a bicycle, we are not even one month into the new administration. There's speculation that the Russia fiasco could end up undoing the administration, and we'll see Trump out much sooner than four years. Regardless, Trump is facing historic levels of unpopularity.

Meanwhile, Trump has not actually accomplished much of anything. His supporters appear to already have forgotten his promise to launch a special investigation into Hillary Clinton. His signature travel ban is null. He has not signed a single piece of legislation. His promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act (which a shocking number of Americans do not realize is the same as Obamacare) looks to be on hold as republicans fuss over the minutiae because—shockingly—the law has actually helped millions of people.

Constant lies about things great and small, rampant incompetence, a total lack of a clear policy vision, and suspicion of a major scandal with Russia. Yup.... this is pretty much exactly the shitshow that I expected.


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