Trump signs EO to allow churches to endorse political candidates

Lord Dampnut today signed an executive order that is designed to ease the restrictions imposed on churches by the Johnson Amendment, which explicitly forbids churchs—as tax-exempt 501(c) organizations—from endorsing political candidates. 
Part of the huge irony of today's executive order is that the IRS has pretty much never enforced these laws. A while back some 100 pastors openly defied the IRS by sending videos of them openly endorsing political candidates. The FFRF actually sued the IRS for failing to go after churches that abused their tax-exempt status.
Now, frankly, I'm okay with church leaders endorsing political candidates from the pulpit... as long as you don't insist on being a tax-exempt organization. If a church wants to forfeit their 501(c) status, then by all means let them openly endorse whomever they choose.
Trump's EO, though, is almost certainly going to meet a swift defeat in the courts. The Johnson amendment specifically prohibits 501(c) organizations from endorsing political candidates. Trump doesn't get to change the law without congress. This will very likely just be another embarrassment for the blowhard-in-chief.

Full story on ABC News.


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