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Reflections on life after divorce

I miss my wife. I thought that as time went on, it would get easier. Maybe in some respects, it has. I don't have the emotional valleys, the breakdowns, that I once did. But there's a general sense of sadness that I feel of no longer being able to "do life" with my best friend. I miss her humor, her intellect, her ambition, her tenderness. I miss our conversations over all manner of subjects from serious to silly, and I miss the things we'd do together - shopping dates, brunch or cocktail dates, walks, or just spending time together with our favorite shows. While I'm fortunate to have two of our three dogs, I miss seeing the happiness they brought her. In some respects, I feel like it might have been easier to move on were it not for the way things ended. That fateful weekend I moved out, she said she loved me, held my hand tightly, tearfully told me she didn't want me to move, kissed me tenderly, and said, "I have a feeling this isn't the end