Five years later, William Lane Craig responds to one of my posts for some reason

Remember when I used to blog about Christian theologian and apologist William Lane Craig on a regular basis? Yeah, that's been a while.

Well, turns out he responded to one of my posts on the latest episode of the Reasonable Faith Podcast. The post in question is from five years ago, around the time when WLC debated Alex Rosenberg.

Here's my original post:

There was a time when I would have gotten really excited that WLC himself was responding to one of my posts. That time was, oh I don't know, five years ago. These days it'd be difficult for me to care less about the endless mire of convoluted arguments for a god's existence, particularly from a person who believes that what he calls the "internal witness of the Holy Spirit" supersedes arguments and evidence.

Anyway, listen to the podcast. It should not surprise you that WLC thinks I am wrong. Am I? I'll let you decide, and I'm going to go out on a limb and wager that you probably already have your conclusion in mind before you listen to the podcast:

I also like that he referred to me as an "atheist blogger." I mean it's not wrong, I am both of those things, but this (mostly dormant) blog has been more about politics, drugs, and culture than atheism. I'm pretty much over trying to convince Christians that their arguments are terrible.

FWIW, I think Sean Carroll did a fine job of addressing the concept of intentionality both in his debate with Craig (which I thought Carroll won rather decisively, and that's backed up by the fact that Craig felt the need to devote a series of articles and podcasts to a continued one-sided rebuttal of Carroll's arguments) and in his blog:

For the record, I don't have any issue with Craig doing a one-sided take on my five-year-old post (which was itself one-sided, obviously), but it might have been nice if he'd invited me on the podcast for a discussion as my thoughts on this kind of thing have evolved considerably in the last five years.


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