Life after divorce part 2: it gets better

I went through a strange phase after my divorce. Immediately after, it was a sense of relief. I wasn't coming home every day to a stressful and emotionally draining situation. I was in a great new house, I had my dogs, and I'm fortunate to have a lot of wonderful, supportive friends.

In time, around when I wrote my previous post, I was starting to feel, for lack of a better term, homesick. My new house felt kind of foreign, like I was taking an extended stay at a hotel. I began to miss all the little things my wife and I used to do - pizza or cheap Chinese food nights, fancy brunch or dinner dates (she and I are both foodies), walks with the dogs, trips to the park, traveling, hiking, etc. etc.

I resolved to just keep taking care of myself. Spending time with good friends and family, training hard, playing guitar, reading, etc. etc. And it's funny, but good things come. The pain of loss subsides. I'm still grieving, and I expect I will be for a while, but it's far from all-consuming. If I need to grieve, I set aside time for it. It's pretty amazing how well such a simple technique - scheduling time for grief - can really help you move forward.

Right now, I've got a lot on my plate. My gym is doing really well! Last year was tough, but the beauty of being an entrepreneur is being able to think creatively to resolve challenges, and our membership is way up over this time last year. I also started a photography side business this year (possibly nsfw) that is going really really well and I absolutely love doing it.

But I have to be honest... the recent thing with WL Craig was actually fun. It was the first time in a long time I blogged about a relatively deep philosophical topic, and I really enjoyed writing out that response (even though, let's be honest, not too many people are going to read it!). So I'm going to aim for a single new post here each week. I also have to churn out content for my gym and photography businesses - social media posts, edited pics and videos, blogs - and that makes more writing a bit daunting. But I think as long as I stay away from protracted debates in Disqus, writing just for fun could be really cathartic. Stay tuned!

Also, in case you've never visualized me outside that black and white avatar (which is a ten year old headshot), here's a recent not-terrible pic of me at my gym. That badass next to me is my bff Katie, who is an outstanding personal trainer and who just started her doctoral studies to be a physical therapist. And yes, we both do online coaching.


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