Ivory-tower apologetics are ridiculous: a divine hiddenness rant

I follow an atheist page on Facebook that talks all the time about how certain Christian apologists make "sophisticated" and "rational" arguments for God's existence that should be taken Very Seriously by atheists.

Take a moment to consider the sheer absurdity of Christian apologetics on the issue of God's existence, particularly regarding the notion among philosophy/theology enthusiasts that Christian theologians can make "sophisticated" arguments for God's existence, and that these arguments are generally inaccessible to those who are not versed in the esoteric conceptual lingo of academic philosophy and theology.
Why is that absurd? Because it means that ivory-tower Christians are literally conjuring up all these complex, convoluted rationales intended to substantiate the claim that the central thing the entire religion is about - the very deity on which the entire religious practice is centered around - EXISTS. Not "matters to everyday human interests", not "is morally perfect" or whatever other qualities one might attribute to a deity. There are separate arguments for those things. Just, "the thing my whole belief system is about is not made-up."
So much of "sophisticated apologetics" is literally trying to show that religious believers aren't just indulging in make-believe. Like, "No, I promise, it's not just a stupid fantasy, but you can't really understand the justifications for it unless you're a trained academic philosopher who understands sophisticated theology."

Gimme a break.


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