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New to The A-Unicornist? Here are some posts I think you should read to get an idea of where I'm coming from on a variety of topics. Please be so kind as to peruse and, even better, using the search bar on the right side of the page before emailing me or necro-bumping an old topic. Chances are, there has already been vigorous discussion on this blog about the topic you're interested in:

An Atheist and a Christian Walk into a Bar by Justin Schieber and Randal Rauser—the complete review:


Does atheism assume materialism to be true?

The importance of evidence

A slow crawl toward ontological naturalism

Science, faith, and deconversion

Why are there so many religions?

The Problem of Suffering

The folly of prayer

A world without God

Faith and Reason

Happy atheists: a thorn for believers


Philosophical arguments for God's existence:

The Kalam Cosmological Argument: the complete rebuttal

Earth: the privileged planet, and the lottery fallacy

The ontological argument

Was the universe designed for life?

The burden of proof

Why doesn't God's existence require an explanation?



Knowing What We Know, part 1: "Patterns"

How to spot a pseudoscience

Is there such a thing as "scientific fundamentalism"?

Science denial

Are science and faith in conflict? (Yes.)

The Trolley Problem and Objective Morality



Objective morality does not exist (and nobody believes in it anyway)

Morality is subjective

The essence of moral reasoning, part 1: why "evil" fails

The essence of moral reasoning, part 2: making moral decisions

The essence of moral reasoning, part 3: informed decisions

Meaning and Purpose:

Facing the truth

Does the universe have a purpose?

If there's no God, what difference does anything make?

Christianity and the Bible:

The Case for Christ: The Movie: The Critique – Part 1

The Craig-Ehrman resurrection debate

The Bible is a worthless historical document









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